Issue 1

December 2018

Johnny Magazine

On plasticity

Johnny’s inaugural issue covers the ways men shift and change. In its pages you'll find writing and photography on hopeless crushes, magic rituals, botox, paramilitary armour, scammers, radical splinter factions of the British Boy Scouts, teenage boredom, Boots Riley's Sorry to Bother You, office politics, depictions of the working class in the Edwardian era, ball jokes, Donatella Versace, sadistic tailors, and thoughts towards various thermal technologies.

Contributors (in order of appearance)

Fuck Theory, Jules Moskovtchenko, Pieter Eliëns, Ivan Cheng, Nikolai Gogol, Calypso Mahieu, Jesse Darling, Melvin Backman, Dr Annebella Pollen, Roman Muradov, Petrovsky & Ramone, Aidan Connolly, Io Cooman.

Purchase & launch

Johnny: On plasticity is now available for purchase through our webshop. The launch for Johnny will take place on December 13, 2018. Further information about the event is available on our Instagram.

Johnny Magazine


Johnny is a menswear print magazine. It refuses the clichés of masculinity and men's fashion, searching instead for the wild and bright things that lie beyond them. Through fashion editorials, critical essays, and poetry, Johnny imagines how men could be, without providing a definitive solution to how they should be.


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